7 reasons your should have your Destination Wedding at an All Inclusive Resort

7 Reasons to choose an All Inclusive resort for your Destination Wedding

Why Have a Destination Wedding

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After thoroughly considering your wedding options, including getting married in your hometowns, where you went to college, or the city where you first met, you’re now wondering if a Destination Wedding might be a better way to go.  

Here are 7 reasons why a Destination Wedding at an All Inclusive Resort might be right for you.

1. All Inclusive Resort inclusions

You may be wondering what is included at an all-inclusive resort. For many 4 and 5 star all inclusive resorts, the rate includes: the accommodation, your food, the beverages* (including almost all alcohol), taxes, fees, some on resort activities and possibly gratuities.  *Resorts do offer vintage wines at a price per bottle.  The resorts will have their house wines included in their all inclusive rate.

The all-inclusive option is a huge win for your wedding guests as they know the cost upfront and don’t have a surprise bill at check out!

All inclusive resorts offer flexibility around dining.  Did you arrive late on the resort and just dread the thought of a long, drawn out restaurant experience?  No worries!  The resort will likely have a casual buffet option and most have cooking stations where your food can be prepared fresh for you in a more casual, relaxed setting and at a faster pace.

Maybe you have been on resort for a day or two and you want to try a Dine Around experience.  Let’s do it! Select one restaurant for your starter course, move on to another for your main meal and a third restaurant for your dessert and night cap.  

The resorts often host a theme night on a few evenings during the week.  You can incorporate the resort theme party into your wedding week itinerary.  This is another fun experience for you and your wedding guests and the best part is there is no extra charge to you.  

Activities for those of all ages.  Many destination weddings include family members of all ages.  The all inclusive resorts offer an array of included activities for all age groups.

2. The Wedding Packages Offered

From very sleek and simple to full on elegant with all the bells and whistles, wedding packages vary widely by resort.  Some packages include the bare minimum so that you can add on a la carte items that are most important to you.  Other wedding packages may include everything from a welcome cocktail party event to your wedding reception and even a send off brunch the day after the wedding.  

The wedding packages at all inclusive resorts are a great value overall especially when you get a full wedding planning team at your service in destination to help you design your dream wedding in paradise.

The experiences that you can have during your destination wedding are nearly limitless.  Want a fireworks display at the end of your reception?  No problem!  Want an elegant, air conditioned ballroom for your formal sit down reception?  No problem!  Maybe your group is more casual and a barefoot in the sand reception with a steel drum band is more your speed?  No problem!

3. The Venue Options

We know you have scoured Instagram and Pinterest.  You have seen it all.  From the over the water wedding chapels to the clear, over the pool platforms to the fabulous sky terraces with a clear view of the aquamarine ocean, there are so many venue options at the resorts.

The resorts offer many venues and each has their own unique vibe.  The wedding teams know that you will likely have a few different events for your wedding celebration.  They are prepared for you to have the right space for your welcome party, your rehearsal dinner, the big wedding, your reception and a post wedding send off brunch.  

When I consult with clients, the vision for the wedding and all of the private events is a big part of our discussion. Keep in mind that the venues do have capacity minimums and maximums so not all venues will work for your events.  Some resorts cannot guarantee your venues until closer to your date of arrival. It’s best to be flexible!

4. Less Stress

Imagine that all you and your family have to worry about on your wedding day is getting ready and showing up! No arriving at the venue the day before or early on the morning of the wedding to help set up, no exhausting post wedding late nights tearing down and cleaning up, and no worries about anyone driving home after the celebration. Perfection!

While you will have decisions to make before your wedding, once you arrive, you’ll have a final meeting with the wedding team and they will take it from there. You seriously can just relax and have fun with your guests knowing that it will all come together, and it will be more amazing than you ever imagined.

You can focus on each other instead of a list of things to do. You can focus on your guests and create memories with them. More margs and tacos with less stress, please!

5. Having a Wedcation

If we all took inventory of the weddings we’ve been to over the years, some will be more memorable than others.

When your friends and family look back at your wedding, they will always remember it. They will have fond memories of celebrating with you for several days rather than getting to speak with you for ten minutes in a barn with a donut wall.  They will remember how fun it was when you all went on the catamaran cruise, played beach volleyball, did shots at the pool bar, went dancing at the club, had a spa day, went golfing at an amazing course overlooking the ocean, and played the silly games with the resort entertainment team.

A destination wedding is so much more than a wedding, it truly is a wedcation. And you don’t have to schedule every waking moment (Please don’t! Your guests will hate you.). That’s the beauty of the all inclusive!  Your guests can decide how they want to spend their time and everything they need will be at their fingertips.

6. All The Amenities

If you were on the fence about having a destination wedding, I bet I’ve got you leaning toward the idea. Brace yourselves, because it’s about to get even better! 

When executed properly, hosting a group at an all-inclusive resort comes with a plethora of benefits and amenities. The offerings will vary depending on factors such as the size of your group, time of year, and available promotions. 

Let me give you a sneak peek into what you can potentially enjoy: room credits, complimentary events like a welcome cocktail, room upgrades, free wedding packages, honeymoon perks like a romantic candlelit dinner or breakfast in bed, and the list goes on!
Here’s the thing – many couples aren’t aware of how this all works, so they simply inform their guests about the wedding details and let them handle their own bookings. The issue with that approach is if your guests book independently, you’ll miss out on the amenities that should have been yours. Don’t let that happen to you! Make sure to seek guidance from an expert to ensure you maximize your benefits and get the wedding experience of your dreams. Consult with an expert.

7. The Overall Value

A Destination Wedding offers a ton of benefits that truly give you more bang for your buck. With the wedding packages, all-inclusive rates, stress-free planning, and an array of amenities, it’s a total win-win situation! And let’s not forget, your honeymoon is seamlessly integrated into it all. Whether you opt to extend your stay or upgrade to a more lavish and private resort nearby, your travel dollar goes way beyond just the wedding.

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